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Adds color and improves definition, creating fullness giving your lips a permanent  fresh look. Enhanced lips  appear youthful without the lipstick bleeding, smudging, and constant reapplication.

Lip Liner & Blend (also for men)

A subtle thin layer of eyeliner on the lash line will make your lashes more noticeable and your eyes slightly more defined without taking too much away from the rest of your look. This will give it more of a natural look that would help to bring out the color of your eyes. Most people will not even notice you have had semi permanent makeup done.

Full Lip

Thick eyeliner makes your eyes pop and look absolutely stunning. It also really accentuates your mascara so your lashes will appear lovely and long.

Dark Lip Correction

Adding a Cat Eye Tail shapes and defines the length of the eyes giving a more sexy and appealing mysterious look.

Who is Suitable?

Suited for those who have:

  1. Contact Lenses Wearers

  2. Unsymmetrical Features

  3. Busy lifestyle

  4. Poor Vision People

  5. Hypersensitivity to Conventional Makeup

  6. Watery eyes or sensitivity to eye cosmetics

  7. Ageing

  8. Medical (Alopecia or chemotherapy treatment)

Permanent Makeup can enhance your lips so they appear youthful, fuller with no more lipstick bleeding, smudging and having to reapply throughout the day.

permanent makeup lips make such an amazing difference to the shape, size and color of your lips. The effects of permanent lip enhancements can dramatically:-

  • Restore the shape and natural color of lips

  • Improve definition

  • Add fullness and correct asymmetrical lip shape

  • Recreate a favorite lip color

  • Correct many imperfections caused by cold sores and scarring

Lip Contour

Lip contour will define the natural lip contour in a soft similar color to your own lips. A discrete enhancement.

Lip Contour & Blend

This enhancement gives a more defined youthful appearance to lips that have lost the contour and some of the natural pigment color. It provides subtle volume and symmetry.

Lip Blush

The Lip blush is one of the most chosen enhancements. This procedure incorporates a subtle or defined lip contour enhancement but has additional flush of color added to part of the body of lips. Color can be matched as near to the clients natural color or add flush of new color. The result is similar to a subtle semi matt lipstick look.

Revival Lip Contour

For lips that require that extra pout and fullness this is the ideal procedure without having fillers. Skills techniques are used to revive the lips. The lip contour is altered and blended with a lip color that matches as near to your own lip color.

Full Lip Color & Redefined

This lip enhancement is the most advanced procedure for lips. If you are a lipstick fan and where it every day then this procedure is for you. Youthful fuller lips can be achieved by defining natural lip contours and using advanced artistry skills to blend your natural lip color or a new lip color choice across your lips to give fullness and a long lasting tint. This full lip color has an incredible anti-ageing effect on lips that have lost their color and lip line sharpness due to the ageing process. Also ideal for lips that are full without the redefining the contours.

What Happens?

During the consultation the lip coloring and face shape will be assessed. Tracy will discuss your requirements and use her artistic skills to pre-draw the enhancement using a traditional cosmetic pencil. This is to ensure that you are happy with the desired shape and color. Once the shape has been set this template is used to implant the pigment color into the lips using the state of art electronic precision hand piece. Numbing agents are used prior to procedure so there is no discomfort.

Full After Care is given and a perfecting free boost to sharpen the desired color will be arranged 4-8 weeks post procedure.

Looking After Your Lips

Full aftercare will be provided on your procedure date and further information can be found under ‘The Process’. However, this procedure is semi permanent and the color will fade with time due to eating, licking lips, sun exposure and shedding of the lip.


To keep the pigment color looking fresh you will be invited back annually for a refresh procedure at a client loyalty rate. Loyalty rates are available up to 18 months post procedure. See the The Process for step by step details.


  1. Client will be given a release form to complete.

  2. Technician goes through the form and checks if client is suitable for the procedure selected.

  3. If client is suitable, the lip coloring and face shape will be assessed. The technician will then recommend and explain the best method for the client. 

  4. Technician will answer all questions to put client's concerns at ease. At this point, the client will decide whether if they would like to continue on with the procedure or if they would like to reschedule to come back in to have the procedure done another day.​​​​​

During the Procedure​

  1. The technician will pencil in shape and design the desired shape most suited for the client. This is the most important part and can be the longest part of the procedure as it may take some time to perfect the design. Different shapes and colors are discussed during this period.

  2. Once the design has been decided, area is wiped clean with a cleanser and a numbing cream is applied for  a few mins on the lip.

  3. After the area is fully numbed and numbing cream is wiped off, the technician will begin with the procedure.

  4. Aloe vera is applied to help sooth the area.

After the Procedure ​

Once the session is complete, you will be provided with a copy of strict aftercare guidelines in which you need to follow during the recovery period. 

Aftercare instructions are also available online. Once you have completed your session with us, we will provide you with a password to gain access to the Aftercare Online in case you lose your copy.​​


It is crucial to return to the clinic for a touch-up 4 weeks from the initial procedure. Touch-ups are to correct and perfect color and unevenness.  Please remember to call the clinic within the 4 weeks to schedule a touch up session; otherwise, it is no longer valid and the normal touch up fee applies.


We also recommend that you take some time to read through our Terms and Conditions before scheduling an appointment.



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