What to expect after procedure


  • There will be some swelling within the first 24 hours but will subside eventually. Your lip will start to feel tight, dry and will scab after a few days. Your lip will start to peel after the 5th or 6th day. Your new lip color should be noticeable at this point once the peeling is over. It should take up to 2 to 3 weeks for your lip to fullly heal.​


  • Color may appear bright at first then darken after a few days. Do NOT be alarmed as the darkness will lighten after 2 weeks once all of the scabs have fallen off.


After care instructions


The following instructions must be carefully followed for at least two weeks post procedure to ensure pigment retention, prevention of infection and successful results:

  • You may eat after a few hours once the numbing has worn off. Please avoid solid foods at the point. Warm soup through a straw is recommended for the next day or two. 

  • Ice the area on and off to help bring down the swelling/ bruising.


  • Do not put your face under the shower as the strong pressure will irritate the area and wash the pigments out. You can cleanse around your face and use a face wipe to wipe around the area instead of washing it.

  • Apply Aloe vera Gel with a Q-tip onto your entire lip to help speed up the healing process. Never touch the treated area without washing your hands. Vasaline should be applied avery few hours also to keep the lip moist and prevent it from cracking. 


  • Do not scrub, scratch, rub or pick at the crust/scab that forms.  Allow it to flake off by itself.  If the crust/ scabs are removed before it is completely healed, the pigment underneath can be pulled out and lost. Picking at the scabs can also cause scarring.

  • Avoid alcohol, coffee, lemon, vinegar, whitening toothpaste, teeth whiteners, spicy, salty hot foods and beverages during the recovery period as it may affect and slow down the healing process. Smoking can also cause infections so refrain yourself for a few weeks if possible.


  • Avoid the gym and saunas until the area is fully healed. Swimming should be avoided if possible as the chemicals in the pool will fade the pigments.


  • Keep area clean and dry. Do not wash your lip. You may pat it gently with a damp paper towel or wipe.


  • Be cautious when sleeping at night as excessive rubbing can pull off the scabs or make the area sore. Apply vasaline before bed every night.


  • Avoid using any makeup on the procedure area until it is fully healed.  Purchase makeup once area is healed to avoid contamination or bacterial infection.

  • Wear proper sun protection each time you are in the sun to preserve the pigments, such as, caps and hats.


  • NOTE: It is crucial to return to the clinic for a touch-up 4 weeks from the initial procedure. Touch-ups are to correct and perfect color and unevenness.  Please remember to call the clinic within the 4 weeks to schedule a touch up session; otherwise, it is no longer valid and the normal touch up fee applies.


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