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Removal of Pigment 

Unwanted Permanent Makeup can now be removed safely without any scarring. London Cosmetic Clinc offers a safe method using  a color lift solution which is used to safely lift out the unwanted pigment from the skin without leaving any scars. This method has proven to be less painful in comparison to laser. Old faded or asymmetrical tattoos even purple, blue, orange, pink brow, blue eyeliner or blue lip can all be corrected or removed by using  our safe specialized method. This technique should only be performed by an experienced technician who is certified with the advanced skills and knowledge. Before this method was introduced, one of the other popular method is the laser tattoo removal. The laser tattoo removal procedure works well for those who wish to remove traditional artistic tattoos from the body. But it is not advised or recommended to use this form of method for the face such as for the smaller and sensitive areas (eyes, brows and lip). Laser tattoo removal is known to be a very painful procedure and in some cases can result to scarring.

We offer the one of the best solutions for permanent makeup removal today. Please call our clinic 1.818.697.0802 or Schedule Online  and book in for your FREE consultation.

Who is Suitable?

Suitable for those who wish to remove any form of permanent makeup tattoo. This type of procedure can remove asymmetrical tattoos from purple, blue, orange, pink brows, blue eyeliner or  even blue lip. 


  1. Client will be given a release form to complete.

  2. Technician goes through the form and checks if client is suitable for the procedure selected.

  3. If client is suitable, the technician will then explain the method to the client. 

  4. Technician will answer all questions to put client's concerns at ease. At this point, the client will decide whether if they would like to continue on with the procedure or if they would like to reschedule to come back in to have the procedure done another day.​​​​​

During the Procedure 

  1. Area is cleaned with alcohol and then numbing cream is applied for 30mins.

  2. After the area is fully numbed, the technician will begin the procedure by breaking into the dermal layer on the area of the skin by using a cosmetic tattoo machine (a device that looks similar to a pen). A special color lift solution is deposited into the dermal layer where the skin is broken to break down the pigments in the skin.

  3. Three passing will be made on the same area to allow the solution to penetrate deeper into the dermis.

  4. Aloe vera and bacitracin ointment is applied to help sooth and protect the area.

After the Procedure 

Once the session is complete, you will be provided with a copy of strict aftercare guidelines in which you need to follow during the recovery period. 

Aftercare instructions are also available online. Once you have completed your session with us, we will provide you with a password to gain access to the Aftercare Online in case you lose your copy.

Number of sessions required

It is recommended to have at least 3 sessions in order to achieve optimal results. However, most clients notice significant results just after one session. 


Photo 1:  Eyebrow Pigment Removal (eyebrows previously done @ another clinic)


Unwanted thick dark Eyebrows were removed. This was just just after one session. As you can see there is no scarring and you can see the significant results. This Client was very pleased with her results as her eyebrows were lightened. 






























Photo 2:  Eyeliner Pigment Removal (eyeliner previously done @ another clinic)


Unwanted thick uneven Eyeliner was removed at the top. This was straight after one session. As you can see there is no scarring and the results are significant. 




















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